Cancer is a disease that not only affects the person. But also everyone around this individual. Therefore if you heard that your friend has cancer we know that you would be heartbroken. That is because we all know that this disease can get terminal really fast. Furthermore, you would also be experiencing a range of emotions. Therefore you won’t always know how to be there for your loved one. But remember that your loved one is suffering an unimaginable shock. Thus, at this moment they would need their support team around them. Therefore it is crucial for you to learn how you can help them.

Processed Your Emotions First

As I mentioned earlier we know that it is not easy to hear your friend has bowel cancer. This would definitely be difficult news to process. But you need to make sure that you process your emotions before you visit your friend. That is because when you visit this individual you need to focus on them. This would not be the moment to experience your own feelings.


ducate Yourself About This Condition

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis they would have to undergo various procedures. It would include everything from open access gastroscopy to chemotherapy. We know that many of you would not have any idea about this diagnosis or the treatment. But don’t think that you can educate yourself by asking your friend. That is because many patients don’t wish to discuss their diagnosis in detail. Instead many tend to pretend like they are completely alright. Therefore the best thing that you can do is educate yourself. You can either ask the patient’s spouse for additional information. Otherwise, you would have to turn to the internet for help. While there would be countless information available make sure that you only rely on the information given by reliable sources.

Give Them a Hand

If this friend has a family we know it would not have been easy for the children. Furthermore, your friend would not be able to be there for them on a daily basis. That is because now their lives would revolve around the hospital. Therefore try to lend them a hand. You can do so by driving the children around. Furthermore, you can also make sure that they have home cooked meals. That is because when one spouse has cancer the other won’t always have time to cook.Having a friend have cancer may be almost like having cancer yourself. But no matter how you may be feeling you need to be there for this individual.