Many people suffer from various kinds of sleeping disorders but rarely do they know of it until it gets worse or if they get it tested. But now you can get yourself tested through Redlands Specialty Centre. Sleep studies allow specialists to know if a person is suffering from sleep apnoea or not. It can be determined through observation of breathing during sleep and especially if there pauses in between or if it gets shallow. These pauses in breathing can be of a few minutes or in extreme cases of minutes. It is also indicated through snoring that is louder then what is regular. The respiratory doctors in Brisbane at the centre are qualified and experienced to determine if you are suffering from a sleep disorder. And if you have already with diagnosed with one, they will then look at possible treatment options to cure you.

Instead of diagnosing patients in a lab, now this can be done in your own home through Home Sleep Studies. This alternative method is much more comfortable for patients. For this all you have to do is let the experts set up the monitoring equipment at the centre and then you can go home and sleep. The next day you can return all the equipment to the centre. The information that is obtained is then analyzed by the experts and on basis of that your appointment will be set with the specialist to discuss your report. For more details about sleep studies, you can book yourself an appointment by calling at: 07 3193 5412 or contact the team through the online requiry form available at the webpage. Visit for further information regarding private practice secretary services in Brisbane.

The specialists available at Redlands Specialists Centre include Dr. Miriam Vassallo, who is a sleep physician and respiratory specialist. She is based in Brisbane but also provides consultation to patients in Cleveland as well. What makes her exceptional is her unmoving commitment to serve patients that have lung problems or sleep disorders. She is a Doctor of Medicine since the year 1997 and has over the years also gained Membership of Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom. She shifted to Australia in the year 2003 and started training as a physician at Mater Hospital in Brisbane and afterwards at Prince Charles Hospital and a few more.

In addition to her practice in Australia, she also has global exposure with work experience at centres in the USA and Malaysia. She also keeps herself up-to-date with all the recent development and studies in her respective field and is enthusiastic about attending scientific conferences.  As a specialist, her interest areas are attending patients that suffer from lung cancer and chronic cough. Lung disease related to Mesothelioma, sleep apnoea and smoking cessation also lie under her specialty. Dr. Vassallo is also affiliated with numerous societies and boards in Australia and New Zealand, some of which are: the Thoracic society, Sleep Association, Respiratory Society, College of chest physicians and many more.