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Dentistry – the specialist field of medicine that focuses on oral disorders, or issues related to the buccal cavity (i.e. your mouth). Whilst you might believe that is as far as you can specialize, the truth is that there are plenty of sub-specialist fields within quality dentures in Melbourne itself, in no small part thanks to the rapid advancement of medicine and technology. If you are interested, below explained are some of the more popular lines of study within the field.

The orthodontist – deriving from the Greek terms orthos (meaning ‘straight’) and odont (meaning ‘tooth’), the branch of orthodontics is concerned with rectifying the alignment of your teeth. In other words, this is the dentist you will be visiting when you need to have the positioning of your teeth corrected (whether that is one tooth or your entire set of teeth). These dentists will also look at misalignments in your jaw and the overall structures. Retainers, such as braces, will be used to re-align your teeth. This is the specialist you will be visiting if you are feeling conscious about the shape and positioning of your teeth!

The prosthodontist – also deriving from Greek terms, namely prosthesis (meaning ‘addition’) and odont (again, meaning ‘tooth’), the branch of prosthodontics is concerned with the use of artificial additions to the mouth in order to ensure its proper functioning as well as appearance. This may the replacement of a missing tooth or missing teeth by using artificial teeth or bridges, or even the replacement of other parts in your mouth. Keep in mind that the prosthodontist is not solely concerned with ensuring the functionality of your mouth, but will also take into account the aesthetic aspect of it, making sure you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your smile ever again.

The endodontist – this time deriving from the two Greek words endos (meaning ‘inside’) and again, odont (meaning ‘tooth’), the field of endodontics is, as you would guess, concerned with the more inner workings of your mouth. In other words, the nerves and the dental practice Kew pulp under your teeth are the main concern here. This is the dentist that is in charge of taking care of complicated invasive surgeries such as root canals and treating abscesses within your mouth.

Pedodontist – the word pedo might ring some bells in your mind, and yes, it is related to children. As such, the branch of pedodontics is chiefly concerned with the oral care of children and adolescents. Nowadays, the field itself is better known by the term ‘paediatric dentistry’, which is certainly a better and clearer way to name it. The difference these dentists have from their regular counterparts is that they have a more in-depth knowledge of how teeth grow and develop, which is a main concern with child oral care.