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A lot of people have been seen with the big loose chin and people really don’t like it. Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. A chin can really decrease your face look and people think that he or she does not eat healthy or stay healthy. People want to look beautiful and they want their face to be perfect. Your facial features matter a lot, it increases your temperament. Afterall, it is one of the main features of the face. Usually, the chin can increase including the factors of age, weight gain and genetics or sometimes due to diet. If you think why you are the only one who has got this problem then don’t worry you are not alone and not the only one. Majority of the patients we treat are of chin victims.

There is a solution to it and your chin will be perfectly fine. All you need is the Belkyra chin injections, there is an ingredient in it called “Belkyra” which is deoxycholic acid which helps in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. Now, when it is injected into the chin, it destroys the fat cells. Once, those fat cells are destroyed they would not be able to store or gather fat. Your chin will stop getting extra fat and it will become normal with the passage of time.

Your doctor will tell you how may injections you require to get the chin back to normal. Because, it varies from person to person plus the amount of fat that is in the chin. Once, you have achieved the results you wound not be needing extra treatment. Before getting treatment with Belkyra, you should inform your doctor about the medical conditions like if you have or had neck treatment, face or have neck pain and pregnancy. It is always better to discuss the previous medical conditions with your doctor before having the treatment.

In the treatment, you will have injection directly injected into the fat under your chin. Majority of the patients see the results with two to four treatment sessions but some may take time because of the quantity of fat. You can have a maximum of six treatments in a month just to be on the safer side and results take a little time because of the fat that has to end so relax and don’t worry about it.

The number of injections depends on what you want to achieve and your doctor will tell you how much injections or sessions you may need. There are not any significant side effects of the treatment with belkyra but after the treatment you may have swelling, redness, the hardness in the area where you had treatment or pain. But these are all are temporary effects. You will be alright all the treatment and your chin will look young, beautiful and attractive.