Psychologists are the professionals who are trained to provide counseling and therapy for the people who deal with stress problems, emotional problems, depression related issues, anxiety issues, panic disorders etc. They treat the individuals by some tests and questions.By understanding their personality and behavior, psychologists help individuals to overcome their problems. People also consult psychologists for relationship counselling. There are different types of psychologists, depending on their service preferences such as: 

Clinical psychologists

Clinical psychologists provide psychotherapy, test assessments, counseling etc. by using IQ tests, personality tests, questionnaires, and behavioral assessments. They provide treatment to the people who get problems in performing activities in day to day life. People who go into depression, or have stress-related issues consult clinical psychologists. There is no age restriction, anyone young, adults, or elderly person can go and consult the clinical psychologists. These test assessments help to diagnose any mental problem or phobia which affects the patient’s health, and it can be cured or treated with the help of a psychologist Bundoora.

Educational psychologists

  • Educational psychologists mostly work in schools and colleges or educational institutes. They help students to solve their issues, either career related or relationship related stuff. Their psycho-educational tests help them to identify and treat special students as well. They check their academic aptitudes and achievements to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Issues like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can also be detected through Psycho-educational tests and assessments.
    • Health psychologists
      They are experts in understanding the relationship between medical and psychological factors and help them to overcome social and emotional dis-balance. They mostly help the patients who go through surgery or other medical problems and cannot meet their emotional demands, thus requires special care to overcome the problem.
      • Neuropsychologists
        Neuropsychologists work to help the patients who are diagnosed with mental illness. Their behavior changes, either due to brain dysfunction or damage in the brain nervous system. They take tests to check the proper functioning of the brain, to diagnose the problems and issues and provide proper treatment.
        • Forensic psychologists
          They help courts and attorneys with all the legal issues and proceedings. A couple of them are experts in criminal lawsuits, while others prefer to work for individual and personal cases of sexual harassment, custody matters, personal injury suits etc.
          • Organizational psychologists
            These psychologists work in organizations and workspaces to keep a record of an employee’s progress and their health. They conduct activities and interactions among the workers to check the behavior and health factor. Also, they keep a track of a person’s behavior with his coworkers as well as machines.
            • Sports psychologists
              They provide counseling to the players and maintain their record of physical as well as mental health. They work there to help in improving a player’s health and check his progress.Psychologists play a lot of roles in different fields to keep the people healthy, be it physical health or mental. They can read each and every movement of a human body, their behavior, feelings, emotions, and thought process.